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Walks on the Rosneath Peninsula

Along the Peninsula Way

View from Lindowan Loch down the Clyde to Arran
View from Lindowan Loch down the Clyde to Arran
Information about walks along the Peninsula Way can be found in a set of illustrated guide sheets to 8 Peninsula walks compiled and illustrated by Michael Lidwell. Some of his sketches of views from the paths are shown on this page.

The Fruin hills from the Camsail plantations
The Fruin hills from the Camsail plantations


The walks

  1. Millbrae
  2. Rosneath hilltrack
  3. Mamore forest
  4. Dun Daimh
  5. Green Isle
  6. Clach MacKenny
  7. Church path
  8. Mill Dam & loch

From Airlig towards Ardentinny
From Airlig towards Ardentinny

Peninsula Paths

Peninsula Paths is a local organization convened to promote paths and their use on the peninsula and in particular ,“the Peninsula Way”, a walking route between Kilcreggan pier and Garelochhead railway station. This has been surveyed with the financial assistance of Forward Scotland and Argyll & Bute Council. Copies of the report with the maps used in drawing these sheets, as produced by Kirklee Landscape architects in March 2005, may be seen in local libraries.


Up Loch Long from North Ailey
Up Loch Long from North Ailey

Members have been active in clearing paths and establishing relations with the forest management. Recreational access to the woodlands managed by Tilhil is encouraged and various paths have been cleared and marked with green walker discs by Peninsula Paths. Note there has been disturbance and that routes may be closed for felling operations.

Ministry of Defence Police Compass initiative
If walking on M.O.D. land, a call to 01436 850361 may avoid the embarrassment of being checked out. Also please report any suspicious objects such as abandoned munitions.

Waterproof boots are recommended for all off-track routes, as the topsoil is a thin overlay on impervious slate rock types and thus often saturated. Pockets of clay can also make heavy going. Be careful when crossing the peat bogs on the moor, which may be dangerous in wet weather.

Where to buy the set of guide sheets

Local post offices - Cove, Kilcreggan.

All images copyright Michael Lidwell
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