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The arts on the Peninsula

Art, crafts, literature, music, theatre, dance, film can all be found on the Rosneath Peninsula, both in the lives and work of individuals working in those areas, and in the activities and events of organised clubs and societies. In addition, the Peninsula is home to Cove Park, centre for the arts and creative industries, offering an annual programme of artist residencies.

Christine McArthur, artist
Christine McArthur, artist


Art and craft

Molly Bradshaw, potter
Molly Bradshaw, potter

With the beautiful and tranquil surroundings it offers, plus reasonable proximity to the cultural buzz of Glasgow, the Peninsula holds considerable attraction for people working in creative industries, and this is borne out by the increasing numbers of talented artists who choose to live here such as well-known names like Christine Borland, Ross Sinclair, Christine McArthur and Gregor Smith, plus many more who practice their art from their base on the Peninsula.

There is also a significant body of amateur artists, as well as organisations such as the Peninsula Art Group and Garelochhead Art Group which nurture and promote their artistic efforts.

Occasionally, there are local exhibitions of the work of the area's professional and amateur artists, although the professional work is more commonly seen in the galleries of Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and elsewhere.


Eleanor Carlingford, artist
Eleanor Carlingford, artist
Supporting and promoting art and craft

  • Peninsula Art Club
  • Garelochhead Art Group
  • Spinning and Weaving Class

See the Gallery for examples of work by local artists.


Music and dance

As with art, the Peninsula is home to a number of professional musicians who generously contribute to the musical life of the Peninsula while maintaining their 'day jobs' in leading orchestras and arts bodies. To Stephen Adam and Duncan Williams we owe the flourishing Peninsula Choir. There are also musical activities such as a traditional Scottish pipe band, regular 'jam' sessions in local hotels, dance classes for adults and children, regular Scottish country dance classes. A couple of times a year, classical concerts are offered in Cove Burgh Hall, and there are other ad hoc musical performances as well.

Don Womack, artist
Don Womack, artist
Supporting and music and dance

  • Peninsula Choir
  • Argyll Peninsula Pipe Band
  • Ballroom Dancing Class
  • Moe's School of Dancing
  • Step into Dance

Literature, drama and film

In our midst are professional writers and actors as well as orgnaisations which promote these arts. The Cove and Kilcreggan Literary Society offers weekly lectures throughout the autumn and winter and while not exclusively 'literary', it makes a rich cultural contribution to the intellectual life of the Peninsula. The Film Society also offers regular screenings for a large part of the year and on occasion offers screenings by local film-makers or talks by actors or film boffins. Mull Theatre Company are offer excellent theatrical productions in Cove Burgh Hall and Gibson Hall.

Supporting literature, drama and film


  • Cove and Kilcreggan Film Society
  • Cove and Kilcreggan Literary Society
  • Peninsula Book Group
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